Adoption Process


An adoption application can be found online or you can contact us and we will send you one. Complete the application, being sure to include the references requested. Then you may submit your application by mail to the address listed on the last page of the application.

Application Review:

We will review your application and then contact your references. The next step will be for a Local Representative to contact you. We will answer any questions you may have at this time and will schedule a home visit at a time convenient to all members of your household.

Home Visit:
During the home visit, the Local Representative may bring a Greyhound along to visit so that you and your family have the chance to see and interact with a Greyhound in your own home. This visit gives us the opportunity to talk with you one-on-one about the joys of adopting a retired racing Greyhound, safety measures to help keep the Greyhound safe, and helps us determine what type of personality would best fit in with the family’s lifestyle, schedule, etc., if approved. Everyone living in the home is asked to be present for the home visit.

The Local Representative will need to tour the home/yard with you and help point out any possible safety issues that may need to be corrected before bringing a Greyhound home.

Application Approval:

If your application is approved, the Local Representative will speak with you about the Greyhounds we have available and which one(s) might work well with your family.

The Wait:

The adoption process can take several weeks. If we currently don’t have a Greyhound that would be a match, please be patient. A wait of a few weeks compared to the years of enjoyment and love the right hound will bring you will be worth it!

Please keep in mind that not all individuals or homes are right for a retired racing Greyhound. Submitting an application to GPA Tri-State is not a guarantee that you will be approved to adopt a Greyhound.


While your Application is being processed, please continue your research. Even though we think Greyhounds are some of the most wonderful dogs on the planet, they are not for everyone. To help you determine if a Greyhound would fit into your home, read books about Greyhounds and use the Internet to visit other Greyhound web sites.

Adoption Fee

The adoption fee of $300 goes towards fostering expenses including the costs incurred for spaying or neutering, dental, heartworm check and preventative, parasite testing/treatment and vaccinations as necessary. Adopters receive an adoption manual, martingale collar and leash set, GPA Tri-State ID tag and turnout muzzle with their adopted Greyhound.

To start the Adoption Process you can access our application online to print and once complete, return it to the address listed on the last page of the application. If you cannot print the file, contact an Adoption Representative near you and we will mail you a form.