1.It is vital to keep your Greyhound on a leash whenever he is outdoors, unless he is in a fenced in area. Never TRUST it to not run away.

2. To help individuals and families determine if a Greyhound is right for them, GPA Tri-State does require applicants to read at least 1 of the following books. Many local libraries have a variety of Greyhound books or they are available through local bookstores and online.

Note: Families with children under the age of ten (10) are also required to read Living With Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind by Colleen Pelar.

3. Identification must be kept on your Greyhound at all times. A GPA Tri-State ID tag will be provided at the time of adoption and you must agree to keep this along with your personal ID tag on your Greyhound at all times.

4. If your Greyhound is lost, stolen, or missing for any reason, you must notify the police, animal control, and the GPA Tri-State President or your local Representative immediately.

5. If you find that you cannot keep your Greyhound for any reason, you must notify GPA Tri-State and make arrangements to return him/her. You cannot give your Greyhound to anyone else without GPA Tri-State